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It was life
Old memories,the old us.
Saturday, 19 November 2016 | 11:00 pm | 0 comments

Hmn,where to start oh yeah I just finished my final exams last friday and well the exam was not too good for me,It was REAL HARD like really really hard,hmnn im afraid that i might not excell in this semester,it was not that im not doing my revision and study, but for me the question was in high level which i cant really answer it,but thats not the point of im writing this post. *Take a deeeeeep breath* lately, im not sure why as I in a new phase,in college my old friends,my best friends are not like usually attached to each other as before,like they have been changing A LOT, I dont really sure why,but when I ask them they tend to not answering me or if they did they just sent me a WORD like when I ask them what they were up to,they replied me "nothing",it really breaks me to the core,we were very closed to each other but now it just aint the same like before,I really miss them,I miss my 5,I miss my qiffy too,I miss the memories,but then i will not be the same as before,we live our life in separate world now,hmn.